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Company Profile

Mr. P.S. Ramachandran, a Technocrat of 5 decades of experience with an aptitude for solution providing has started ELL ESS Engineering Pvt. Ltd, in the year 1987 to help the Indian Industries to upgrade technology and efficiency, with the motto of CIPROE. Ell Ess has been serving the Indian Industries with import substitutes of existing outdated filters and custom built filters efficiently and to the entire satisfaction of end users for the last 35 years.  From the beginning, ELL ESS is serving as a one-stop solution for the supply of critical Filters to Chemical, Pharma Industries, Petrochemical Industries and Food Processing Industries in India and abroad.

Our Moto



  • Clean in Place
  • Innovative
  • Pay Back
  • Reliable
  • Operator Safety
  • Efficiency

Our Achievements

Our products have earned appreciation from various clients for their matchless performance and for giving them quick payback on investment.

A few of the goals achieved by us through reputed firms are mentioned below as a sample :

  • Denora, Italy has approved our Leaf Filter for Brine Polishing application in Membrane Based Caustic Soda Plants. We are the sole manufacturer of these types of filters in India.
  • We are the only supplier of Paste Filters to Colgate Palmolive (I) Ltd and all their subsidiaries in India, for the filtration of toothpaste.
  • Our Candle Filter has made a place for itself in the market by receiving repeat orders from our customers and certificates of appreciation for its matchless performance from Cibatul Ltd.
  • IDBI, Mumbai has approved us as a Design Engineering Concern for the fabrication of filters and providing engineering services for chemical plants.
“Customer’s trust in us is our greatest achievement”

Along with our customer’s support, we have succeeded in solving a number of problems & have a huge clientele base who are our repeat clients.

Our History:

  • 1987 – Established
  • 1992 – Approval from De Nora Italy for supplying Polish Filters for membrane based caustic soda plant (sole vendor in India)
  • 1994 – Development of Candle Filter for Catalyst Application
  • 1997 – Development of Polish Filter for Carbon Application
  • 1999 – Development of Auto Self Cleaning filter for water and viscous application
  • 2002 – Started a sister concern by name Euroslot India Pvt. Ltd. for welded wedge wire products has backward integration.
  • 2003 – Development of filter for Demercurization of caustic soda for mercury based caustic soda plant.
  • 2004 to 2010 – Development of custom built filters with RIPBAC Filter elements.
  • 2012 – Development & patent registration of Auto Self Cleaning-Micro Filter for Utility & Side Stream application
  • 2015 – Development and patent registration for Multi-Stage Auto Self Cleaning water Filter.


One Source Many Solutions

ELL ESS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. led by Mr. P.S. Ramachandran, while developing Custom Built Filters, the main area of concentration was always given to improve the performance, cost efficiency of manufacture of the products, product quality, protect the environment by using RIPBACTM element with less maintenance, human safety and to improve the production without interruption.